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My whorish woman says this pantyhose is nice!! [Music]
you don’t have to cheat you play The
Selfish me but we met one thing you get
each okay you don’t have to cheat you to
have a cheat Norma you don’t have the
you played a selfish game but we miss
that one thing you get okay you don’t
have to cheat just to be a man
I see no reason why you should keep
rejecting your sentence so the treatment
that kids acts like a hand in marriage
yet you refuse to accept team what is
your problem what do you think you are
still a young girl mom I’m not ready I’m
not ready for marriage I mean I’m still
a young guy morally 22 what’s all this
pressure for I’m not even mentally ready
for marriage please just listen to
yourself listen to what you see you are
not ready for marriage I married your
father at the age of 18 that’s right our
system that we live in peace what is
your own nose because he was chosen for
you by your parent he probably had no
choice mom is a 21st century I mean no
one chooses the mesh wants to marry you
know 4 sets get married did you see the
man who came in here oh why not shut up
and listen to your man what’s the matter
with you well what’s the matter with you
why not accept one of them and get
married to him or do you want to spend
the rest of your life in my house here
hey Wanda
inches long right now from the white is
giving me a pressure the pressure is too
sure hey Lena D able to break my door
and ice your face like this look I’m
tired of staying in the house I don’t
know why no one seemed to understand me
it must get married you just have to
calm down okay
just follow your hats listen to your
husband do house you have things you
should do first exactly the problem that
is the problem no one wants to give me
the chance to do that all they’re
interested in is for me to get married
you should have seen the other one that
key he said is from where many wife it
took a good look at him you can tell
it’s just one you know one of these reef
rafts I mean he can’t even pronounce our
and L proper almost missing everything
how many men have enjoyed a big
modernist shuttle
that talk to me dad I don’t know how to
explain this to your mom I’m not ready
for marriage
I’m not found a man we fit in my stages
yet when I’m ready to marry I’ll let you
know look you and Mom should stop
pestering me on getting marriage
there’s no must that every one man
should get married
I’m not psychologically ready for you no
changing of diapers sleepless nights
crying crying babies and to top it off a
man just walking into your life and
making useless decisions for you dad I’m
not ready listen if your mother told
this line you are trying to tour now you
wouldn’t here with a glass of whiskey in
hand majority of women are divorced
because of wrong choices some are being
humiliated and treated like a piece of
rock and yet some stupid single ones I
know hurry to get married what is that
have you thought of living in your own
world I mean see you guys opulence where
you have where you have everything you
have servants at your beck and call you
eat and drink whatever you want you have
a big house cars cruising
and you crown it all a man as a husband
I’ve never thought about it I thought of
it hasn’t even crossed my mind as a
matter of fact what I think always hard
to make money for myself course yes of
course I know that but at least we
should just thank God that were not part
of a so-called rich families because
such characters are just so common among
the rich the plot eligible husband’s
internet of his life to secure the
future like seriously maybe my dear okay
I wish you realize it
wait what’s going on here why are you
two laughing what what are you up to
have you won some ice a lottery or
something no I want to know what you two
are up to tell me
even the for juice Wow
oh okay now I get it Wow that’s nice
that’s really nice okay okay okay now
you have a new sound like my mom
thankfully spamming the same one sweetie
when is the wedding date huh I’m so
happy for you congratulations why you
choose yours and I choose my watch now
if you ladies why not even my night
what’s the meaning of this
we don’t take your few things from me
what’s the meaning of this Nami resolved
I was Republic and its status why no and
I was right I will make sure your fun
behind bars
okay you cannot do anything you get me
let’s go I don’t know what I’m doing in
let’s go why are you going I said God
why are you going could you have done
how could he hello dad where are you
coming from you staring at her what’s
the problem
I went to use the ATM since you you and
Mom have decided which are my allowance
who goes to the ATM and comes by with a
frown on the face dad I was waiting
patiently for my turn in the queue yes
and then some stupid guy from someone
just touched me for kids you know if you
had a wedding ring on your finger that
man wouldn’t have come anywhere close to
you let alone come and touch you that’s
not the point
what stupid point are you trying to tell
the point is someone tried to harass
your daughter today and I’m here
complaining to my dad instead of him
going to pick him up and put him behind
he’s definitely so adamant dreaminess
never get out of my sight oh my brow are
they aware by forever card a lawyer but
yeah by force how are you by force
like a baws you’re wealthy
how much were you paid what how much did
to my mom pay you
I think should keep your opinion to
yourself cuz you need it most
anyways when are you leaving town
how do I explain this to my parent no
one seems to understand well when the
time comes I’ll marry it’s not even that
old so why is the hurry why the pressure
my only single lady in town instead of
mom taking sides with me now she’s
without putting in more fire and I saw
my dad ha
how do you know what they’re buying
please please help me
please help me in the situation I think
you help me yes what do you think we
should do what about about our daughter
she has vehemently refused the entire
suitors that came to us one hand in
I think we should leave her learn to
pick a man of her choice
I understand head though it’s not going
to be easy for her but come to think of
it she might have plans of her own you
know oh yes let’s watch and see
so he’s gonna have your number so I can
at least call you want to know why do
you take numbers from every girl you see
I don’t give my Nomad to strangers look
I’m not a stranger all right I saved you
from the scorching Sun then you trusted
me to give you a lid I mean I’m not a
stranger okay my name is Ella find my
number if you’re serious are you serious
good after mom what was that
who else who do you know pretend early
don’t know what I’m talking about
who was that I don’t know what you’re
talking about the mother just dropped
you off no I saw you from upstairs
oh I don’t know him I was walking on
under scotch and son and he decided to
give me a lift
she don’t know him and you allowed him
to drop you off does that make any sense
it makes a lot of sense I don’t know him
yes he decide to help me that’s nothing
wrong even ask for my number but hiding
in between why she would have given him
your number
there is no harm in giving someone like
him your number
I don’t see anything body needs someone
I don’t know doesn’t matter
but you sat in his car if you don’t know
him to the ameno him tomorrow maybe girl
mommy I’m tired
she’s my African Queen the girl of my
dreams she having everything she met
waggling golly golly oh but he is my
African equal a girl of my dreams your
fucking Africa Africa
oh yes yes what happened you see I met
the woman of my dreams today I’ve seen
my wife if she and where’s she from
I actually can’t say for now but you
know that’s because we did not formally
introduce ourselves but mom I can tell
that she’s the one well I miss her today
I dropped her off at her father’s house
and that makes her your wife you’ve seen
the way she smiled at me my countenance
her body language
she’s the woman of my dreams which was
just standing right there with this
angelic voice I know she’s the one
I’m not deceived by a man in my smile
anyways that’s what I want you to say
that’s all I want to hear from you
good luck thank you how are you when you
that’s good almost Knightley’s every
time I come to your house
why are you here it’s okay no problem no
problem but there’s one thing you need
to understand what I’m soon I’ll get
married and my wife will cook for me too
yes the same
no she doesn’t know I’m coming actually
we met two days ago I dropped off here I
asked her for her number but she refused
to give it to me so I thought it wise to
come over with her parents and make my
intentions I am truly very sorry ma and
I apologize if I’m overstepping my
boundaries is she around
young man will inform her when she comes
back okay then I guess I’ll take my
anything thank you very much
complexity thank you very much thank you
system all right you have a lovely day
why don’t you see me for the first time
looks can be deceptive you know scratch
that gentle facade and you’ll be amazed
what lies beneath fool you know he could
even be a kidnapper on me it’s not a kid
lover it’s only very gentle man who is a
victim of love can’t you see it okay
hello well how would I have informed you
when you’re bluntly refused to give me
your number
okay zero eight zero six just a minute
night one one zero eight zero six nine
one nine one one zero four one nine zero
thank you very much this this means a
I need you to give me some time we
barely met few is it Roland you’re
talking marriage already don’t you think
you Russia I love what is there to wait
for one month is more than enough for
lovers who are really serious about
settling down no I disagree with you one
month is not enough look anytime I need
time to convince myself that we ready
for this marriage please and ask people
to watch all of us it was just a little
time okay
hello I’ll give you all the time that
you want but I want to actually favor I
want you to do just one thing for me
what is it I want you to meet my mother
she’s just dying to see you that’s why I
can’t do that either
are you making things very difficult for
me if I don’t paint fail me I’ve told my
mom so much about you and she is she’s
dying to meet you like yesterday
you’re joking I am serious I swear I
don’t want I don’t want Lisa good all
the way around seriously my parent wants
me to get married like tomorrow but I
don’t want to rush into marriage I’m I
don’t want to make a decision and
probably regret it later please I need
some time
and is not the only girl I don’t know
what you are getting yourself worked up
about it’s the this kind of this girl
and that does not want marriage
we met happy you can’t force a because
it’s simply want to deny it
can’t you see snow walking while it is
not working right Salaam is not working
let me tell you or let me advise you huh
you better let this girl pee and go and
look for another girl I don’t want you
to have you tried break oh do not say I
did not want you I don’t have any
adapting to say all I know is that I
don’t want to hear Wei Wei Wei are you
telling me or else you bear the
consequence alone yes no not yet
in fact the girl in question is not
ready are you tired of staying with me
okay no problem
how are the deeds um very horrible if
anyone’s gonna bring up all these magic
issues I would have turned it down and
he didn’t end there
he wanted me to follow him to his
mother’s house what do you expect from
oh you want him to come and start
opening his seat for you maybe he wants
to get married I’m married at 18 so if I
were you I will just accept this
proposal I am after evening prayers are
you coming with me no okay then make
dinner for your father when he returns
Loosli goes where die just too hot we’re
getting married I’ve broken the news to
them yet but I’ll do so very soon so
what’s over you guys when are you
getting married have you fixed a date
yet okay if I marry before you you’ll be
my bridesmaid chief bridesmaid she
writes me okay
I will face the sexist setting finally
you and I need to get married so that we
can at least have a honeymoon in the
States so then we can reconnect you know
such as Lunas very soon
good morning daughter
are you serious oh hey this is what I’ve
been talking about oh wait a minute
this man Rex you are talking about who
is he where is he from what exactly does
he do for a living you don’t know how on
earth can you get married to a man you
know practically nothing about is this a
joke or something
I see what again look I am not buying
that no I’m not who we what she just
said how can she get married to a man
she knows nothing about she knows him
don’t mind her she’s didn’t know that is
what it is I doubt if she’s in love oh
I’m so happy this is just like a dream
come true she also didn’t realize that
we meant well for her oh thank you lord
I am so happy I’m so happy
anyway let’s wait and see
she is getting married that is the point
wait wait wait I’m not psychologically
ready for this now please give me some
time mom apparently you don’t understand
all I’ve been seeing in the last 30
minutes she doesn’t want to speak to me
at all
yes whenever I try to engage any
discussion she either stay silent or she
falls asleep in which I think she does
mysteriously yes mom I don’t know
Uman they’ll be very very nice of you I
swear I’ll bring over so you can talk to
her okay MA all right thank you very
much mom all right I’ll call you later
then I really don’t understand why
you’re so worked up this morning I only
wanted to help but this is just one
tallit was I supposed to make what you
don’t understand you made food for
yourself alone aren’t you supposed to
make food for me your husband I’m not
under any obligation to make food for
you if I am hungry I should go to the
kitchen fix good for myself seriously
Ella please let me ask you a question
why did I marry you
why don’t I marry you tell your wife let
me correct you you you might be for your
selfish desire which reason the woman
needs an eating less than two months
anymore yeah maybe you I told y’all
ready for this marriage
I requested
I don’t like I’m really trying to
understand what you’re saying now you
are under no obligation to make food for
me your husband
Ella I should go to the kitchen and make
food for myself that’s what you’re
telling me Ella why did I pay your dowry
we met ah you are praying that your
daughter will get married and leave whom
she’s married and gone to a husband’s
house you still stand here and complain
oh are you trying to tell me you have
really lost her to a husband then what
why not
foon help better still go to a house and
check on her you better watch your step
where you at it’ll because I don’t trust
that girl so don’t push your luck okay
all right
this madness has got to stop
I’m just going to believe this is a joke
I know let us slide Allah this should
never repeat itself
mom’ll see also you can hurry up and
finish your your food please get ready
we’re leaving very soon
why how many times have you seen me go
to visit my courage okay you are not
going to order my mom’s invitation no
this has got to be remade next week hope
this is a dream this this is this is a
nice bike
III come Bonnie
how are you what do you mean who is she
don’t you know English is my niece she
came to help with the charts here let me
show you to your room let me ask you yes
what are you living this house am i
right – this is my husband’s house I
have every right to take whatever
decision I want – well
we no longer need your help so get ready
to leave
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah see you’ve
overstayed your welcome in this house
these are your bags now get out of my
house why you take my husband away from
me is there what your uncle so what do
you think okay do you think I gave his
uncle you know what I just know favor
no buck why I don’t see I you if I just
see how brick I head hmm
I do not want that left me I went to the
house hey things are getting out of hand
Zulu she doesn’t cook for my son she
cheats on yet a way out of the house and
this one you that got most of the house
first row up oh I think she has a plan
yeah there must be a plan yeah she has a
plan yeah I’ll see to that
is my son around no please
um I was busy when you came to excuse me
what did your son tell you I have been
with him since childhood and I watched
him girl rich is so emotional is easily
fucked up with little things
whenever I is hot he said there is
something that you are changed that is
why I came to know why I’m are no more
the allayi
know so I don’t know see that he has
puts out that you don’t like mom yes
there’s nothing wrong everything’s okay
I don’t even know where all of this is
coming from what I said I was busy in
the kitchen
there’s no food there other things that
could be done in a kitchen apart from
cooking excuse me
you have a very big problem how I wish
you were there to see the way a man your
wife approached me this afternoon when I
asked I do not care to give me food
my also a house no food for God raised
my dear you have to ask your wife what
happened is that it does change just
like that
well we know that’s the problem she
doesn’t talk to me I’m telling you I am
just confused and frustrated right now
you know the worst part of it all is
that since I married my wife I haven’t
touched her yes she doesn’t let me touch
she need our cooks no-clean and when she
decides to cook she makes with just one
herself she doesn’t make food for me I
really don’t know what I may have done
to to deserve this kind of treatment
from her she has changed totally I won’t
do it no but you can listen to me you
see the result the problem is use you
solve it
oh you live with it mom look this is not
the time to apportion blames all right
the deed has been done no one is a bully
mistake what we should be doing now is
looking for how to remedy the situation
it is your problem my son I told you did
I want you tomorrow
all of the game is now about fatty you
don’t mind over see the result now what
everything I’ve come out to be you still
have to talk to her
I still don’t understand your sudden
change of character
you want to frustrate me
have I done anything wrong
Tony did I do anything wrong by marrying
now I have disturbing they call it
disturbance me your aunt’s turban
what have I done to you I really will
just to make this work as husband and
I beg if there’s anything that I’ve done
to hurt you to help me so that I can ask
for forgiveness talk to me please if
there’s anything bothering you you can
also relate that to me now I get it
so you actually have some to come here
and arrest me right okay you have
unusually wife instead of you to solve
it as a man you decided to report me to
your mom
first I can’t talk to my wife
you don’t speak to me you don’t tell me
anything what am I supposed to do
I love you very much
I really want us to make this work I
don’t want anything to come in between
us please talk to me there’s anything
bothering you you can tell me I beg of
with this your countenance I hope
everything is alright well she didn’t
come with you everything is not fine
everything is not fine I have taken too
many nonsense from ela and he’s
beginning to gradually kill me inside
Ella has become a thorn in my flesh she
has vowed to send me to an early grave
look it’s been one hell of a problem to
another since LM moved into my house
okay let me break it down this way Ella
doesn’t cook or clean the house since I
married Ella I have not had sex with my
own wife yes and to make matters worse
my mom came to speak to her and Ella had
the guts to since I left the house
yesterday she hasn’t returned
I hope nothing has happened to my
daughter my is never lied to me I knew
it I knew this we’re not right I I tried
calling her line but it’s things which
change I thought she would things I
thought she would come around set
everything I know I’ve done everything
that I could do kiss my nose please
I beg you with everything I have please
talk to her like I I love Allah very
much Allah means so much to me please
talk to her take my leave I don’t think
you just think it now Palestine the
kidnappers were all demanding ransom me
so Ana has constituted himself into a
major nuisance and an embarrassment to
this family
we shall see ani are you coming with me
or you’re gonna sit there and brood over
ella who for all you know is having fun
wherever she might be
we’re leaving anything I’ll be calling
you every now and we first not moving
there like you or the world is my
company surprising that ended before I
met my wife would I be married by now no
Mike a possibility it’s on a beautiful
girl like you
I mean you possess all the quality that
a man’s there in a woman you don’t have
to take me if I what you give to me it’s
more than money
you really say the most beautiful things
in the world are free
you finally decided to come back I left
this house two days ago
you don’t bother to call me you just
switched off your phone where have you
been I went for prayers at a church us
can see I’m very tired since when did
you start going for prayers because with
this attitude of yours I doubt called me
outside your prayers
let me relax when you pray to God what
do you tell him you tell him to kill me
right so that things can be easier for
you if I want are you dead would have
been gone by now I’m not a Metro know
what I’ll stand again if I kill you
lru am Irina I am your husband
can you my wife there are certain
decisions you cannot make alone we have
to do it together
those of us
let us not repeat itself
what you did week head woman we can’t
women give my sunny try to resist yes
stay in the house close your legs no way
be responsible wife you reduced see let
me tell you divorce my soul give us him
and go back to your father’s house mama
we can’t woman what did you cry
yes what’s the meaning of this now this
leave me alone look I will not leave you
alone I wouldn’t need you don’t leave me
to watch watch me go fast me what’s that
you deserve it
oh I pushed me to the ground and I
pushed her to the ground
my waist what did you do no she just
pushed her to the ground like that so
you mean she didn’t tell you she was
going out yeah that’s good now she knows
she did this to her mother so I’m asking
you risk I should do this to her mother
musky um it’s okay let’s go inside house
you don’t have to cheat when you scream
my name what is it what is it what so
just come to this let’s come to what L
enough you have to chimera T to push my
runabout really
look I don’t care how crazy you can
become I can’t kick house city you are
but when it comes to my own mother
you have to be fairly careful Rex she
got what she deserved
I was going out this morning and all of
a sudden she just gave me grab my
clothes calling me all sort of names
calling me a prostitute and even woman
and all sort of names I bet to Sara Lee
to leave me alone but she let me be I’m
just trying to free myself in the next
station is that Lee fara how’s that my
mom the doctor has assured me that this
prescription here we make the pain go
away all we just need to do is get the
drugs on our way out you take them and
you’ll be fine see simple my waist my
voice is bringing me your wife put me
she she probably put me down
mom I’ll undo that I promise you what
about my waist it’s bending me that’s
what I’m saying I would talk to I it
will never happen again I promise you
actually did that to our mother ah
Omar we’re going to keep doing this
please I assure you that nothing would
happen again
let’s just go home please you can’t keep
staying here race number one I’ll just
drop the ice cream Dubai for me
and I cannot eat those rows without food
I don’t know the kind of other food
every juice guess one of us should
notice that pushed me on the ground I
will get food on our way out before we
get home I’ll get you food from a
you don’t have to chain you played a
selfish game but we made that one thing
you get each okay and you don’t have to
cheat you to have the cheese no mom
it’s okay
you had the doctor’s advice all you need
now is rest
we take your medication and more rest
okay morning they’re all in there you
get water for mama to take her
my dear mama don’t
I’ve been taking about the Attic
hospital one trip who told I need what
what I need now is a home made food so I
can take my drops allow your food is
here you can eat your food now is it
homemade I’m gonna food this food
food is food I’m watching this one from
a very exquisite restaurant you can eat
it no food no one cannot cook food that
one can eat why you like this for
Christ’s sake I thought we discussed
this before I shouldn’t be the problem
right now
I like the problem oh no no no Marvel is
the problem now she cannot prepare food
that one can eat mom we have gone
through this before what I expect you to
do now is eat your food rest you had
water box I advise you do need to be
shouting now let’s forget about Ella for
now later on we discuss about it
then we need to talk to your I think she
didn’t go for it I mean she can’t hide
the truth forever it’ll come out soon my
instant is telling me that Allah is
having an affair yes I can’t grant was
she goes – that would make her not to
pick her cause or switch her phones and
went to church I regret forcing her into
this marriage now see my impatience
she’s not trying to only shame onto us
Darlene are you thought in this way
Allah can’t bring shame to us I will
kill her before she does that they’ll be
prepared to spend the rest of your life
be an accessory to murder my main
concern is a husband Allah has stone her
husband into a puppy he is so so
did you see the look on his face the
last time he came here I really pity
that man I pretty him why would you love
you behave in this way hey
so you finally succeeded in bringing
problems listen my husband and I right
you need I remind you that I’m his wife
and anything I say you will do yep I
don’t want to jump look at coconut
stocking see that with him
I have no Sutton with you yet by the
time I am through with you you will back
your back on packages and leave this
you do not belong here I thought you
were sick
also Rex is my round you have the
strength to wag your tongue right you
are doing who do not belong here you
better tell your son to take you back to
your house because this house cannot
contain the both of us I my son you have
so fact we’re on act did my son find you
God why didn’t you blind
the Rex when this girl was puzzled we
will eat did you find you I cannot sit
back and watch you obey I love our work
she says I’m insane
you just wicked a stupid woman I cannot
then you ready to die me or you you you
be ready to die oh wow I see you both
again sin the long fine that’s good well
a vision oh yes a very good homemade
food in the Apple I can see why tanana
know like some people that can not
protected food
I need to talk to you right now in my
room what I know does about for a woman
are you sure this thing is not using
Chum on my son okay I know what to do
she can’t get away with this Oh Rex what
did you tell my parent what is even
wrong with you you know your captor just
pisses me off what you let the whole
world know how many issues
I mean must report me to every Tom Dick
and Harry everyone you know everything
reporting me to my parent or your mom
can never solve the problem
why don’t you just be a man and then
fight your insecurities look and why
don’t you bring your mom here look I I
want to stay my husband’s house in peace
I don’t want anyone to disturb me please
Rex please
so this is the reason why you dragged me
all the way from the living room to this
you know sometimes I try really hard you
know to convince myself that you’re the
best that ever happened to me since I
married you all the time you always
always disappoints me Ella my mom stays
why don’t you like it or not
my mom’s days she don’t like it well I
guess you look for a way to deal with it
that’s all I have to see hmm do you just
say that to me oh I guess it’s someone
that’s learned how to talk ngratulations
Madame you have three weeks pregnant are
you sure well very Kosh is a very sample
we take this is a hospital and any
little mistake will cost us a lot we’re
very careful and that’s a result
thank you very much
you don’t have to chain you played a
selfish game you thank you why did I
allow this to happen why did I allow
don’t talk Greg needs me I need to do
something I need to do something very
fast for that old witch finds out
well hey well take two of this right
good corrects have you noticed any
changes on your wife recently what is it
again what has she don’t you this time
the wife is pregnant and I know that you
are not responsible for that pregnant um
can you spot an acquisition on our what
is wrong with you I haven’t had sex
without I know that I am a woman I’ve
gone to that stage if the woman is
pregnant even if it is one day old I
know and I’m very sure of what I am
saying I need you to put your eyes here
nose mouth down on what is happening in
your house I will stay here forever
you know that
you can greet good day man okay Ella who
is responsible for that pregnancy you
are carrying because I know my son has
never touched you since he got married
to you
so who is responsible for that this so
money second Fame to which owned it did
she know that I’m pregnant she’s spying
on me hmm why’d you like interfering in
two people suffer why Rex is my only son
and is everything to me so I would not
allow you to treat him like a piece of
rock do you hear me
maybe you’re the one who’s pregnant you
know I’ve tried everything possible to
make sure his rings between both of us
but you know you want to let it work you
know what it is either you stay in this
house and mind your business see you
better cool and look for the father of
that thing the thing you were carrying
and confess to him that is if you know
who the father is
this Cutlass is confusing
Ella why don’t you put the
responsibility on a husband instead of
about any child Wow
do you have to tell him or am i stupid
how can I can tell is one that I’m
pregnant I can’t figure out how she
bought you know too bad for me okay know
what just do what you have to do okay
I’ll be careful with your mother-in-law
all right I’ll give you some money so
once you get a lot just call me if
there’s any problem I’d like me all
right are the 200
doctor I’m scared I haven’t done this
what if he doesn’t turn out well I mean
what if there are complications Wow
like I told you before we’ll have a
specialist here don’t be scared okay
lots of girls come here every day for
this and it turns out successful the
doctor will soon be around he usually
comes to walk around in yeah well come
on Wayne thank you it’s good to know
that a most welcome in here but I came
here with a broken heart and I don’t
think I want anything Li your daughter
is pregnant my son is not responsible
for her pregnancy this is a very serious
and expensive and I tell you what it
will be very bad if it turns out to be
on course these ladies are made to the
job to me I can’t come all the way from
my house just to come here and crack
jokes I am serious
I know what I am saying haha and ask her
who is responsible for her pregnancy
right we will take her to the hospital

The way that sexy gilf makes this hosiery look is very awesome!



Sexy brunette girl in jeans mini skirt and pantyhose

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I be mad for nyloned legs, because they are hot. oh hi I am gay hello and I ‘m so pleased
you ‘re here
because I ‘m really not sure about
something mm well I ‘m not sure I like
these types if I ‘m completely sincere I
put on ‘ t know it ‘s just I just put on ‘ t think
they fit me I suggest I have truly long
slender legs and I just seem like these
just don ‘ t show them off enough I simply
don ‘ t know all I know is that I want
your honest opinion and put on ‘ t keep back
you won ‘ t injured my sensations so do they
make me look a bit do you believe well
it ‘s not all bad I think I ‘m simply over
overemphasizing I suggest huge do you feel
absolutely incredible
every time I stroke my legs it feels
like they ‘re getting smoother and
smoother well maybe I was wrong perhaps
it ‘s just me just overthinking alright so
perhaps I ought to give you a better view
yeah in fact I absolutely altered my mind
what was I believing me fuck these
certainly show off my legs I like the
truth that they ‘re good and sheer and you
actually simply shape them nicely
but hmm I ‘m still extremely curious about
these ones
well the fact that they ‘re nude stretchy
and a fishnet something about them I
simply absolutely love and I ‘m simply passing away
to try these on hmm possibly we ought to do
that today
what do you think yeah that ‘s a really
excellent concept
I put on ‘ t understand unless we tried them on
will we however maybe we can do that in a
minute due to the fact that I ‘m enjoying you carefully
and I ‘ve been uh mm-hmm discovering that
you ‘re looking at my legs in a certain
method see what you like to see more of
them and possibly a more of my skirt yes I
saw you looking

I be nuts about pantyhosed legs, since they are the slutty!

Sexy brunette woman in jeans mini skirt and pantyhose

Sexy brunette girl in jeans mini skirt and pantyhose

Celebrity Pantyhose Foot Nylons Feet Black Tight Sexy Stocking 6

This is one clever leggs pantyhose. [Aplausos]
con estupendos fuertes que conocí el
zapato de desconfiar ni ti pero teníamos
que buscar puestas
pero imagínate
con esto los cristianos que esto tiene
la planta roja y a mí me encanta quienes
se ponen un vestido negro a caminar por
las calles de santiago y por una fiesta
y que cuando hayas caminando se tenía la
planta roja la verdad es que con estas
lluvias estamos aquí tu mujer es primero
guiando con los zapatos de adriana
barrientos nuestra león adrián invitada
de hoy
en la vuelta
pero no
reuters el tipo de juguete entonces
hereditaria ninja nine primera vez que
se sube
ya perfecto como tienen como dirigirlos
más atrás y cargan el cuerpo un poquito
más atrás para frenar la velocidad para
adelante velocidad ok para moverme y
para un lado y para el otro
ella puede
no se cayó esta tarde bajaron
adriana te ayudo y éste acabó no sube
primero el fisker del pie derecho
te dejo la línea no es mi
responsabilidad ahora
sí sí
y para bajar deja la piel costado para
el vicio retinitis eléctrica en esa
amigos también que vengan ahora
decidimos que queríamos de turismo
la mano
para el niño
claro es un pantalón que obviamente
tiene un movimiento muy particular para
caminar maravilloso de media temporada
porque no tiene como ropa de invierno
ropa de verano puesto que se trata de
algo pensando un poquito más en los días
de calor eso es que me busca este
vestido con tiempo es de seda entonces
no transmitirá tanto es más bien suelto
y acá yo quiero hacer hincapié un poco
en lo accesorio estos condes para gustar
como ya les dije esto de estar basta que
el vestido largo ahora tiene también un
poco más en este en este algodón que se
sigue un poquito más al muerto come pero
aunque no es totalmente apretado de que
pase que no sé cómo es prescrito porque
sabes que también hay un error ahí uno
cree que la ropa más apretada que sigue
por ser menos tela lleva en menos calor
todo lo contrario
y qué lindo es venir
quién tiene la alfombra limpia
más linda que nunca lo conozco hace dos
años y ahora es el agente pero en eso
eso dice

Meet this addictive no nonsense.

Celebrity Pantyhose Foot Nylons Feet Black Tight Sexy Stocking 6

Celebrity Pantyhose Foot Nylons Feet Black Tight Sexy Stocking 6

Fresh Fresa Wolford Neon Pantyhose for Magazine # 039 – Tights & Nylons Art Photography

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Fresh Fresa Wolford Neon Pantyhose for Magazine #039 – Tights & Nylons Art Photography

Fresh Fresa Wolford Neon Pantyhose for Magazine #039 - Tights & Nylons Art Photography