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I love pantyhose designs, due to the fact that they are spectacular!!

hello everybody good early morning and welcome back to the pantyhose studios YouTube channel I am Victoria and if you love pantyhose simply as much as me go ahead and click Subscribe today I am currently in my vehicle in my car and I am awaiting Gabrielle due to the fact that she has just nipped to get some gas in her automobile so I remain in a secret place whether it’s quite a lot of grass and there’s a parking area it’s generally a park near where we are and yeah we’re met we’re satisfying up here to film lots of YouTube content for you men today and I think today we may be shopping for pantyhose so that is gon na be extremely amazing and yeah just remarkable essentially if you have not already follow us on instagram at panseo studios 1 and don’t forget to join my mailing list it is amazing the link that remains in the description down below you remain in for a reward if you join that so yeah I will be back when Gabrielle gets here hey there sorry about that Victoria I have a surprise for you are you prepared yes fish today I’m making her eat carrots and hummus young boy is one of our regular started treats that we both enjoy checking out the whole should kiss each other they enjoy each other we are going to go I’m just making fun of huh Benito is holding it for them we are going to go to the shops right now I’m gon na get you we just can’t go away from noise of where someone’s cutting grass or such trying to have a look at him we simply saw someone mowing gravel essentially literally it won’t just be we are gon na go to a store and we are gon na get some really very low-cost tights I saw the other day and I’m gon na reveal Victoria store corner shop quality pantyhose versus what we usually purchase yeah and I think she’s gon na be like oh gosh so exciting times do in the shop now I’m not gon na purchase some pantyhose I’m gon na reveal you some inexpensive low-cost pantyhose and you can try them on yep I simply require to say a disclaimer today I believe I sort of keep in mind that among these shops does do it basically we have actually got here and she’s I do actually cell enters here what why do you brought me all the way here to buy tights and now you’re not exactly sure truthfully so we’re gon na go and hopefully come back with some leggings we’ll be back in a minute with some puns no fingers crossed cross your fingers are here fingers hope to die turn around such as Lauren cross yo legs that is not the saying I know I was right they sold leggings in that and guess what brands they sold today pause the video remark down below guess what brand name they saw in the local courts it’s a brand name you all understand it’s a brand you all correctly hey there fine excusable it was quite Polly and they were 3 pounds fifty which actually isn’t that inexpensive they do typically stuck a brand name in that and it’s called you Kathy it’s called the UK leggings or leggings UK or something but they didn’t have them today they just had these but we got what are they and these are a little bit unusual they are knee-high leggings near the picture they just go up to the knee so they like they’re not really tights even though it’s oh it states heís not tights knee highs and they are one size incorrect that’s the color alone Oh three sets oh my gosh for 350 that in the deal that’s a deal right moving moly guacamole I don’t really know what the college is gon na resemble that like this 3 sets in this small little ball so that exercises as one pound thirteen pen yeah Wow I think 13 that would make it three pounds something forty isn’t a strong point I am actually an accounting professional if you didn’t understand I seem like a grandma right now due to the fact that I’m quite sure but I didn’t really recognize what the gimbal turned itself off okay so I feel a little bit like a granny because when I put these on I understand I’m quite brief my nan had these and she wore them like beneath trousers yeah did she I think it’s just to make you feel a bit calm fear yeah and like you have actually got tights and however secretly you have actually not the light socks yeah and if I resemble the heat perhaps reveal you men most likely see that book there we go they’re a bit unusual they sort of go with your complexion though not just have I got these but I have actually got 2 more pairs so actually I could wear them and you might use so much action I believe that you must put them on but we need to cut this video here since I think you people had enough for one day so tomorrow we must put on another film where we both tried mother we should absolutely do that Victoria let’s avoid make certain you sign up for the channel ensure you subscribe to the pantyhose studio so you subscribe to the studio’s channel as you’ll miss out on tomorrow’s bomb which is gon na be incredible yes you will and ensure you push the bell notice so you get a notice make certain you push the Bell so you get a notification when we publish that video yes and love you all so much hello subscribe bye bye Felicia

I be wild about pantyhose designs, because they are the incredible. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THESE! I enjoy pantyhose models, due to the fact that they are magnificent!!