Its still me….i am what there is for now

I love nyloned legs, because they are the astonishing! I be wild about nyloned legs, because they are adorable!! ———— Please check youtube video id and video has CC then try again ————
I love nyloned legs, because they are the astonishing!

Its still me….i am what there is for now

Its still me....i am what there is for now


I be mad for pantyhosed legs, because they are clever. 10 DENIER THE SAME ONES AS GABRIELLE! BUT HERE’S WHAT I THOUGHT!




Join me and my girlfriends on a daily basis reviewing pantyhose, tights and hosiery.

There’s no better place than PantyHoseStudios to get a personal touch with an honest and trust-worthy review. I will be joined by many of my beautiful girlfriends and you will be able to get to know them on a more personal level whilst we review the fit, feel and overall quality of the finest pantyhose, tights and hosiery available.

Every review is different, every girl is individual and hopefully we can put a smile on your face whilst we review your favourite pantyhose.
I be mad for pantyhosed legs, because they are clever.

hello and welcome back to the patio studios YouTube channel for those of you who do not know me my name is Victoria and I absolutely love pantyhose if you love pantyhose to make sure you click the subscribe button right now this channel is all about tights pantyhose hosiery we review we try on and we give you our opinion on a large range of pantyhose all different brands all different styles all different colors designs sometimes we do stockings we sometimes even do socks we literally cover from A to Z of pantyhose we add the pantyhose Bible and if you love pansy loads just as much as we do then you are in the right place today I am going to be reviewing a pair of pantyhose for you and I haven’t worn these exact ones before and may have worn them for a fancy ho Studios film but I cannot remember this than that many but I know that I have definitely not reviewed these pantyhose on the YouTube channel yet so this is a new one today and they are a brand new pair as well which I absolutely love as anyone who knows me you guys who watch shows regularly will know I love opening brand new pantyhose so Gabrielle has ordered two pairs of this specific type of Ponte oh and she reviewed Whomper and I’m reviewing the older they’re the same but we’re both trying them on we’re both reviewing them and we’re going to compare our opinions on them so before I show you the pantyhose I just want to let you know that if you want to see pictures of me and the other pantyhose studios girls head over to our Instagram that is at pantyhose Studios one and do not forget that I have a mailing list then go to the description below this video as there is a link there that you will get to go to my mailing list the tights the pantyhose the hoser is that I have today are these they are gypsy pant hills and despite the fact that the picture is a pair of nude pantyhose these are actually black you can see through this a little gap of gives you a little sneak peek of what’s inside so they are black they are in a size medium they are tan ganya they are Blas tights and it says on the box luxury Italian leg laughs these are gonna be glossy they’re gonna be shiny I would presume they are black so obviously nude pantyhose have much more of a shine on them generally than black ones I find that they’re a little bit because of the color they don’t really reflect the light as much they don’t look quite as shiny but we shall see it does say gloss so I have faith in gypsy these are not a very expensive pair of pencils but they’re not really very cheap either I think they are probably about 7 or 8 pounds so in US dollars or Euros that’s probably about the same amount because I think the euro and the pound are basically the same at the minute so maybe about 10 US dollars about 8 euros you would find these four so they also say on them that they are ultra sheer appearance they are share to the waistband they have a gusset on them they have a shit reinforced toe as well as you guys will know if you’ve watched my YouTube before I love a good reinforced hull but sometimes it is good when they have a reinforced hole they share because I’m you can wear them with open toe shoes they just don’t have as much of a appearance of a reinforced toe but you still get the feeling of your toes being secured and reinforced in your pantyhose so before I pop these out of the box I am gonna tell you what I’m gonna wear with them so I have on this top today it’s white and it’s real cute it has like thrills on it the arms are baggy and it has elasticated wrists and I identify how these top this type of top quite a lot because I just like the way it looks on your arm I think that it looks really pretty and girly and when you move around it goes like this it’s kind of like having bingo wings but you top covers them because top has it’s very own Bing going so I like this kind of top mmm it’s also got a v-neck which i think is nice and feminine it makes me feel cute I’m gonna also wear these pantyhose with a pair of denim shorts this pair here these are from Topshop and they have little rips in the front they’re very summery they’re quite short but because it’s quiet it’s not quite summer yet here it is still quite cold so I am wearing a summery outfit but I’m gonna team it with my pantyhose so that I don’t get too cold so this is my theory but normally actually when I wear denim shorts I would wear them with new pantyhose I’m not really sure why I do that I think I just like the look of the nude against the dark denim I think blue and black is a bit it doesn’t really go very well but I am gonna try it today I think the fact that I’ve got a white top on my bright and the outfit up it’s not just gonna be all dark colors so I think it’ll look okay let me know what you wear do you wear black pantyhose with dark blue denim do you think blue and black go together I don’t know um that’s just my opinion I’m not always right but let me know in the comments below what you guys where would you wear black pantyhose with dark denim shorts or do you think it’s gonna be a no so am i absolutely love opening new ponds Hills I just get the feeling like it’s kind of like prison because it’s in a box and then when you open it up they are wrapped up in like a little plastic film with a little bit of tape and it’s also perfect and no one’s ever touched it before I just feel like I’m getting a little gift which is probably why I absolutely love it when Gabrielle gives me new pantyhose to review because I feel like it’s my birthday or it’s Christmas and it literally happens once a week so it’s good times for me but here are the now I’m revealing them from their packets they also come nicely folded against a piece of cardboard sighs generally the way most pantyhose come and they’re also fresh when you get them out oh they also smell sometimes sometimes they smell a little bit like a dusty cupboard like not a nice smell because they’re so new and they’ve been in the packet and sometimes they just smell like nothing like literally there’s nothing else that smells like them they just smell like new tights these smell nice they don’t smell anything dusty or they don’t feel like they’ve been sat in there for tootle hobbling till they are black as you can see they are very very sheer you can see right through these they are tender near so that is expected and here on the end you can see the reinforced toe it’s not I don’t know if you can even see that can you see there’s a slight change in color between this bit here there’s a line going across it’s reinforced but it’s still shared their shit all the way to the waistband they have a seam down the back and it’s on the other side too all the way down the back and down the front here and the coastal area reinforced as well it’s not quite sure don’t know if you can really see cuz it’s black can you see that the waistband feels very tight that feels like a good elasticated burned oops it is very strong it’s about an inch thick actually here it’s not all the way to that black liner you can see it only comes to here the waistband and this is like a little separate bit that’s just the same as the pantyhose but maybe bit a little bit reinforced no I’m quite excited try these on initial thoughts they’re not anything particularly a thing they are just black pants Hills as far as I can see I’m excited to see what they look like with my outfit but I’m not amazingly excited about these they don’t feel very soft they feel a little bit rough actually on the inside yeah they’re not they’re not smooth and silky but it does say glossy and to be honest I don’t think they look glossy either what do you think what do you say they’re glossy I don’t think they are but I’m gonna go and try them on now and I will be back with my outfit on and I’ll let you know what I think of them so I have got the pantyhose on now they feel very very soft I take back what I said about them being rough they feel really soft again it’s my skin and yeah I really like them there’s no complaints particularly the go-to area feels comfortable the waistband is nice and secure it’s not too tight and it’s definitely not baggage strongly elasticated the only thing I will say is that the coverage isn’t gray I don’t know if you can really see from there but there’s a few little like do you know when you tights look a little bit cheap and they have like a little dash along them like random little lines across I don’t know if you can see them there there’s a couple of little lines that almost look like snacks I don’t think that they are that noticeable but obviously as I’m reviewing them I am looking at very closely I don’t think if I was walking around someone would go oh my God look at her tights got rips all over them but they just got little random lines with a few tiny teeny tiny poles in them which isn’t great considering that literally not even moved I’ve just put them on and sat back down having left the house yeah I would say that they are not particularly Gogh see considering they’re supposed to be a glossy tight they’re not glossy they’re not they’re not I’m I really don’t want to say they’re just they’re not really what I was expecting to be honest I was expecting something a lot smoother and a lot shinier kind of really a bit like wow they look glossy and nice but they’re just literally black quite light Daniel pantyhose and I don’t really have any complaints about them for seven pounds you can’t really complain they are quite cheap so yeah I would say gypsy tend any air gloss tights ah and a seven out of ten they’re not amazing but they also are exactly what you would expect for the price and they do say they do do what they say they are tender near their share to the waistband of the reimpose toe is comfortable the thing I would say is that they’re not as glossy as I was it would expect but again they are black somehow black how glossy can you make black pantyhose it’s quite difficult I guess it’s easier with nude because they automatically shine also if you can see I’ve got my denim shorts on I don’t know what you think of this look but let me know in the comments below so I have got the denim with the black I think it looks okay it isn’t that dark of a denim and they’re not like really really dark blue so I do think it looks alright but let me know what you think in the comments below so that is all from me today I have got lots of other brand new pantyhose that I’m going to be reviewing maybe tomorrow when I try a different outfit on I’ve got some funky colors and a little bit of a different style for you so hit the subscribe button and make sure you do not miss that video also if you want to see pictures of me and the other pantyhose girls head across to our Instagram at pantyhose studio as one and don’t forget to join my mailing list it is in the description below the link for that is in the description below I mean the actual men list isn’t there but if you want to see little pictures and sneak peek previews from me to you in your mailbox then go ahead and join that now I’m Victoria and I’ll see you very very soon bye

Meet this helpful milf! MY HONEST OPINION ON THESE! I be mad for pantyhosed legs, because they are clever.

Kessi & Masha attempt large nylons on a picnic 2019-08( 1)

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My gilf states this nylon fabric is intriguing!
My gilf states this nylon fabric is fascinating!

[music] that’s great with me already, look here, appearance, stand still, yes you can spinning yes like this, that’s so excellent, well done, that’s how you can still sideways simply a little bit you can turn well succeeded done that’s great that’s so good Masha, too, leg knee flex your knees where about incredibly to me once again here so initially I omit whatever exactly here you can give it a little stretch in me precisely right here we are from him considering that we do not cross like this, this is so fantastic, stop with an awful lazy now, this is so great fantastic, now we lift them on animals easily, you lift them on your stomach straight that’s great as soon as again, well finished with this extremely very that’s all that legs together let’s try this is good terrific very hour prior to you can stack look laugh water good excellent good 20 woman that’s incredibly now I’m so 1 1 excellent but try your back, turn your back on me, look here legs together now lower the dress while decreasing its legs together and well, take a look at me simply fine and now you require to do [music]

The manner in which clever mother makes this hosiery appearance is very addictive.

Kessi & Masha attempt sheer nylons on a picnic 2019-08( 1 )

Kessi & Masha try sheer nylons on a picnic 2019-08(1)


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This is another astonishing gilf!!

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Fulfill this nice sheer!!

GLAMOZAY HOT BIG BOOTY Alexis Texas ATQ official HeyyyBestFriends MICRO swimwear Ashley Alban

GLAMOZAY HOT BIG BOOTY Alexis Texas ATQ official HeyyyBestFriends MICRO bIKINI swimsuit Ashley Alban

Black ‘n’ White Dress and Stocking Dance – Bootygirl Sanya 161212

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Black'n'White Dress and Stocking Dance - Bootygirl Sanya 161212
These are addicting!! These are addicting!!

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Satisfy this impressive wolford. Black ‘n’ White Gown and Stocking Dance – Bootygirl Sanya 161212


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My slut says this nylon fabric is unbelievable!! Oh 5 the wo ah or a serie di Lori Moe also secures the sweat to send my nephew medical herbs Maybe the fifth eldest onde ball 2 Body pressure a great deal of wind wor [music] [music]
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